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Washer Assembly Machine

Washer Assembly Machine

The Washer Assembly Machine by Dongguan Yu Song Trading Company revolutionises washer assembly, vital in bolted connections across industries. It employs cutting-edge automation for precise and efficient assembly, minimising errors and maximising productivity. Versatile, it handles various washer sizes and types swiftly, enhancing adaptability to diverse needs. With high-speed capability, it ensures rapid production without compromising quality, optimising operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. User-friendly design facilitates seamless integration into production workflows, supported by comprehensive training and maintenance services.This innovation underscores the company's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, empowering manufacturers to achieve superior precision, reliability, and efficiency in the fastener market.

Product Scope Blank Screw/bolt with washer assembly
Specification of Screw produced M1.7-M12
Type Vertical
Speed 100-220 pcs/min
Power 0.95kw - 1.4kW
Machine Net Weight 450 - 700 kg
Machine Size 870 x 825 x 1665mm
1040 x 1140 x 1970mm
1350 x 1200 x 1850mm

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