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Dongguan Yusong Trading

Dongguan Yu song Trading Company is a Professional Manufacturer of Fastener Machinery and Fasteners. The Company is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, mainly engaged in foreign trade business. of bolts, nuts,screw,washers at present, the company's trade scale is expanding day by day, with customers all over the world.

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We Are Here to specializing fully automatic Fastener machine

Best In Industry

After years of researching and developing, the products become more mature. We strictly control material purchasing and production management, continuous innovating, treat customer′s demand as the most important thing. Strict and sophisticated craftsmanship, stable and reliable quality, high-quality after-sales services and reasonable prices are widely praised by the users.

Best Service Model

We use systematic service model, we could supply high- quality design and finished products according to customers′ screw specification or sample, reduce your overall cost, improve the production efficiency, create enormous benefits, truly reach "you specify, We solve". Welcome all to visit Our company.

Professional Staff

A Production Worker is responsible for meeting quality standards and deadlines for products. They check for defects, assemble products, monitor manufacturing equipment, and closely follow safety procedures to prevent accidents in environments where materials may be hazardous.

24/7 Support

organizations are able to contact our customers whenever they need it by adopting digital channels such as self-service knowledge base and chatbots, they are providing 24-7 customer service. Customers are extremely happy when they receive aid when they demand it.

Our Services

The Services We Provide

Thread Rolling Machine

Our thread rolling machine efficiently creates threads on steel rods or screws via cold-forming the material, ensuring precision and durability in fastening applications.

Rivet Making Machine

Our rivet making machine automates the production of robust rivets, enhancing manufacturing performance for numerous industries, from construction to automobile, through consistently crafting fantastic fasteners.

Washer Assembly Machine

Our washer assembly machine streamlines the assembly system of washers, promoting accuracy and speed in creating essential additives for steady and stable bolted connections.

Screw Heading Machine

Our screw heading machine is a precision-engineered gadget forming the top of screws, making sure uniformity and electricity within the introduction of screws for diverse packages.

Bolt Forging Machine

Our bolt forging machine utilizes forging strategies to form and enhance the power of bolts, contributing to the manufacturing of durable and reliable fastening solutions.

Nut Forging Machine

Employing forging processes, our nut forging machine manufactures nuts with constant quality, ensuring reliability in threaded connections throughout diverse industries.

Non-Standard Fastener Making Machine

Our non-standard fastener making machine is versatile equipment designed for generating custom designed and non-popular fasteners, catering to unique requirements in industries wherein general fasteners won't suffice.

The Machines

We have such Collection of Machines.


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